Still Investigating SquareSpace6

I have been having a bit of a play with SquareSpace6. It is very different to SquareSpace5 that I use for this site. As is usually the case with something like this there are upsides and there are downsides.

On the upside my ‘site’ could be much wider if I moved it to SquareSpace6, which would then allow me to post wider photographs. Often when I post a wide picture it does not look the best because the maximum posting width with this site is 650 pixels—which is not ideal when posting up an amazing landscape picture, or even a picture of Kate Beckinsale posing lying on a bed (note following example, would look much better if wider).


So what I have tended to do in the past is also post such pictures to the SmugMug account so that they can be seen larger. But this has not worked out that well really as, except for my pictures of SCN, very few of the pictures in the SmugMug account have been linked over to.

With SquareSpace6 the width of my site could be as wide as 1,500 pixels, which is over double the current width. In a way there is no maximum posting width with SquareSpace6 because it can be set up such that if the picture is clicked then it will be shown full size.

But then there are the downsides.

Because of the building block way that SquareSpace6 works I would not be able to use LiveWriter to create posts for SquareSpace6. That’s a big downer.

Also I am not sure what will happen to the formatting of all my current carefully sized postings from SquareSpace5 when I import them all over to SquareSpace6. I expect that my layouts are all going to be re-arranged and ‘destroyed’. It is likely that every single posting I have done would need me to go into it again in SquareSpace6 and fix up the layout and formatting.

For about 650 postings this would end up needing a huge amount of time and work. Even if it just took ten minutes a posting than is a whopping 6,500 minutes or 108 hours.

So really, after a couple of night  ‘playing’ with SquareSpace6 I am no closer to deciding whether to convert my site over to it or not.