Most Popular Post … Based on Comments

Whitby Falls Coach House

I set up Abalook three years ago. On average I have posted something like 21 articles per month.

Based on the number of views the postings featuring cute babes get the high numbers. Adrianne Palicki has been top of the Abalook charts ever since I posted my feature about her.

AdrianneGlamourWith SquareSpace I cannot check back any further than a month but I would estimate that my Adrianne posting has clocked up something like 17,000 views since it was posted in February 2011. In the last month alone Adrianne’s posting (here) clocked up 981 views, which is over twice the next nearest … the posting for Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones (here) with 424 views.

But based on the number of comments my posting about the Whitby Falls Coach House takes the number one spot. Somewhat sadly it only took seven comments for this posting to make it to the top spot—which gives you some idea how many comments I manage to attract.

The latest comment was very recently on the 20th of this month (August) from “J”.


I zoom past the coach house every week coming down to site to work, and then zoom back past it again later in the week when I return home. Every time I wish I was a multi-millionaire and could do something to ‘save’ it.

I would love to see inside and get to take more photographs from within the grounds.

Such is life.