Non-capitalised headings seem to be the ‘new normal’

I did a blog some time ago (back in June 2011 actually, here) about whether I should continue to use the old standard (going back hundreds of years) of formal capitalised headings; or to go with the new wave—brought about by the Internet era—of ‘conversational’ headings where capitalisation is not used

Well here we are now. Over a year later. There are still some papers and journals sticking with formal capitalised heading such as the Huffington Post (here) and the New York Times (here). But the majority of blogs, papers, and journals have gone over to the ‘new normal’ of non-capitalised conversational style headings—as you can see from the following examples:

  • UK Telegraph (here)
  • The BBC Online news (here)
  • The Continuous News Network or CNN (here)
  • (here)
  • The Washington Post (here)
  • Engadget (here)
  • The Australian Financial Review or AFR (here)

So I have decided to give conversational headings a try out.

From this point forward, unless I forget or change my mind again, my headings will not be capitalised.

See. I am not that fixed in my ways. I can change with the tide if I think I need to . . .