HTC announce their Windows Phone 8x phones

As I am sure I mentioned somewhere before, not too long ago, there is a truck load of technology coming out between September and Xmas this year. I have already posted about the Nokia 920 and the Windows 8 tablets and Ultrabooks.

Now HTC have announced their Windows Phone 8 mobile phones.

I am not much of a fan of HTC but the 8x Windows Phone 8 is very surprising in a number of ways.


First, like the Nokia 920, it is a ‘unibody’ handset and it comes in solid body colours (so if you scratch the body it does not remove the colour).

But the two big surprises are that it contains a very competive camera with an f2.0 bright lens (the same as the Nokia 920), and it is much thinner and lighter than the similar looking Nokia 920. The 8x weighs 130g compared to 185g for the Nokia 920.

Two advantages for the Nokia 920 are that the Nokia has a longer lasting battery (although the real battery life testing has not been done yet by the various reviewers) and it has a larger screen. The Nokia 920 screen is 4.5” compared to the HTC 8x screen which is 4.3”. So for people who just want the biggest screen size then the Nokia 920 will get their focus.