Did I mention my G15 arrived?

I am pretty sure I mentioned in a previous post that my Canon G15 compact digital camera arrived. That is it hiding behind the Samsung S3 smartphone.


See. It is even shorter than a Samsung S3 smartphone. But it is a little higher.

That’s my wife’s S3. Not mine. I still have my trusty Motorola Defy which is over two years old now.

The G15 is quite a bit wider than the S3, as you can see from the following picture taken from the top. But the G15 needs this depth to accommodate the larger sensor and the optical zoom. This is the very reason smartphones cannot use bigger better sensors or have optical zoom.


G15-3Even so you can easy put it in your jeans pocket, if you don’t mind the neck strap hanging out of your pocket. See. That’s it in the pocket of my jeans (making good use of the old mirror shot technique—had to clean the mirror a bit first).

So without the neck strap on I could carry the little G15 in my pocket, and this is not a toy camera. This camera is well featured with 5x optical zoom, spot focus, focus lock, exposure lock, aperture preferred exposure metering, RAW image output, exposure compensation +/- 3 stops, anti-shake, sequence shooting, hot shoe for a real flash, etc, etc.

Very soon now I hope to start taking some pictures with this so I can see how it actually works out in real life.

For those interested in these things all three picture above were taken using my Pentax K5 with the beautiful and amazing 18–135mm lens, and they were all taken, believe it or not, using an ISO of 1600. All were post-processed using DxO Optics using the automatic settings for the Pentax 18–135 lens.