Titbit: Microsoft releasing Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet in February

Microsoft have announced that they will be releasing the Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet on the 5th of February—for almost everybody but Australians.

Microsoft released the Windows 8 RT Surface tablet a month before Christmas. For those paying attention you will know that this is the Microsoft Windows Surface tablet that does not run Windows programs.

The version of the Surface tablet that does run Windows program is the Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet.

One of the ‘big’ things about the Windows 8 Pro surface tablet, apart from the fact it runs Windows 8 Pro and not Windows 8 RT, is that it has a 1080y screen and not the lower resolution 768y screen on the RT Surface.


Just to make it clear, unlike the Windows 8 RT Surface tablet the Windows 8 Pro Surface table is a real Windows PC. It runs the quad core i5 Intel cpu. It has USB 3.0. You can install Photoshop, Vuze, DVD Fab, FireFox, AutoCAD, etc., on it just like you can on a real Windows 7 PC. It can be connected to a full size monitor. In theory, depending what kind of PC performance you need, you could do away with your desktop PC and do everything you do on Windows 7 from the Windows 8 Pro Surface.