We only had five sets of trick or treaters (sad face)

I am a little disappointed that we only had five sets of trick or treaters knock on our door on Thursday night. I sort of made the final decision to come home from my work a day early—on the Thursday—to be at the house on Halloween night. Okay. There were some other pretty meaty reasons as well including a visit to the doctor and my quarterly type 2 diabetes review session. But blended into all of that was also being home on Halloween night.

CaramelloBearWe had some pretty decent treats for trick or treaters such as caramello chocolate bears and Willy Wonka bars.

I think a big part of the problem for Australians is that Halloween has some kind of “not invented here” attribute attached to it. It’s an American thing—apparently; and us Australians don’t to do something here just because they are doing it in America. But it is not an American thing. Halloween is heavily linked to ‘all hallows day’ or ‘all saints day’ (same thing). It is a general Christian celebration and it more-or-less celebrates the day that the souls of the righteous dead are introduced into heaven—or something very close to that.

I guess it also sort of celebrates the day that the non-righteous get rejected from heaven, but let’s not go into that or I will have to get into a 20 paragraph discussion on ‘is there a heaven or not?’ and that would just be too hard.

But apart from all that, much more importantly the way I see it that it is a day for ‘kids’ to have a night of fun. For a ‘kid’ it is a huge gap between Easter and Christmas. They get to dress up in some awesome costumes and go knocking on doors to get treats. How much more fun could a ‘kid’ have? Seriously!

From another angle it allows other folk to get some good feelings from giving trick or treaters some treats.

Really, as I see it, the whole think is a win-win event. The kids get some treats and the givers get a giving buzz from making some kids from around their area happy. Seriously? How can this be a bad thing?

Okay . . .  so next year, if I am still alive (God willing), then I am aiming for at least ten sets of trick or treaters. And even better, my wife says next year’s kids-in-costumes-having-fun night is on a Friday night. Maybe we should rename it ‘Kids and Young Adults Costume Night’ in Australia. If we did that then it might get more acceptance with Australians.

Seriously. If I am not dead we are going to have the best treats at my house next year.