Site Maintenance: Lots of SPAM; a few new comments (Parkerville)

After a short period of not doing any site maintenance for this Web site—for about the last two months—I have just gone in to check the status of things.

When I first went to the SquareSpace site administration page I had few seconds of panic. For a brief instant I could not remember the username for the site. And then the first password I entered was incorrect.

Whew! But it’s okay. I got in. Maybe I should write this down somewhere. Seems my memory is not quite as good as I thought it was. Probably something to do with old age creeping up on me.

I have had a couple of new comments, and I will get to one of them later, but I could not believe the amount of SPAM comments posted in the last two months. It is almost like those people doing the SPAMing of Web sites from around the world somehow realised that I was not watching the site; which I haven’t been for a couple of months.

I did not count them but I would have easily deleted over 100 SPAM comments. But it takes a little while because you (I) don’t want to delete any real comments—real comments are way too valuable. At the same time you don’t want to leave behind some SPAM comment that ask people to go to some cheap watch selling site or some porn site. So you sort of have to do a really quick read of every suspected SPAM comment.

Hopefully I have not deleted any real comments. I was very careful.

So that brings me to one of the ‘real’ comments, shown below.


Clicking on the comment above will take you to the original posting where the comment was made which is titled “Parkerville Amphitheatre: Returning to Nature”.

Based on this comment from Geoff C it sounds like the old amphitheatre at Parkerville might be getting a bit of a clean up.

As I have nothing to do this afternoon I might take a drive out there and have a look see, and, depending on what I find, I will report back.