100 million Tumblr sites—over 22,000 active sites featuring naked ladies

TumblrATI-1For those not familiar with Tumblr it is a blog hosting site similar to WordPress, Blogger, SquareSpace, and TypePad.

Tumblr is a little bit different to most mainstream blog hosting services in that it is slanted heavily towards ‘bloggers’ who want to run a blog where the centre piece of each posting is a picture (or pictures).

Tumblr makes it easy to share and re-share pictures.

Tumblr blogs don’t have to feature pictures (but they usually do).

One of the more well known Tumblr blogs is “all that is interesting” which tries to cover interesting stuff about history, animals, science, places, photography, and a number of other things.

The picture at right is from ‘all that is interesting’ and links to that Web site at Tumblr.

Well, assuming we can believe the Tumblr site counter page, sometime during March the number of Tumblr blog sites clicked over the 100 million count.


Just to make this point again, this single Web site service alone is hosting over 100 million blog sites. With all the zeros that is 100,000,000.

Within these 100 million sites on Tumblr there are 44.6 billion postings; that’s an average of 446 postings per site.

Every day 80 million new posts are made to Tumblr!!

Another highly visited more recent Tumblr site is the National Geographic 125th Anniversary site known as ‘Found’. On this site, which I am thinking of featuring in a separate post (if I ever get around to it), National Geographic are gradually releasing all their amazing images from their archives.

Following is an example from the ‘Found’ site (which links to the site).


But none of that is really the point of this posting.

The point is that within these 100 million Tumblr sites there is an estimated 22,000 active sites dedicated solely to pictures of bare, and almost bare, boobs. Sites like ‘Best Boobs Ever’ (here), ‘Nice Boobs Girls’ (here), ‘Boobs of the Day’ (here), ‘Boobs Kingdom’ (here), ‘Petite Tits’ (here), and ‘Soft Poses Eye Candy’ (here), and about 21,994 more.

For anyone who wants to do their own research on this to confirm these numbers then you could try doing a Google search along the lines of “tumblr blogs boobs” or something similar. Also just about all Tumblr site posts then give you references to other similar sites along with their pictures.

Notice the example in the following picture (picked off the ‘Soft Poses Eye Candy’ Tumblr site)—shown here purely for instructional purposes—that it provides the reader with links to two more Tumblr sites: (1) beautifulcurves (here); and (2) worshipthefeminine (here).


So using these other links, which will then in turn have pictures that refer to other Tumblr links, you can bounce around inside Tumblr for years.

Note that the Tumblr sites I have linked to above are, from the first couple of pages I checked, ‘soft’ R rated style sites. However beware that when you start trawling through the naked lady sites at Tumblr that they are not all ‘soft’ and many of them are seriously X rated.

But, back to the point. The point being that on Tumblr alone there are estimated to be 22,000 such sites. This gives you a tiny hint at how many such sites there are across the entire Webisphere (which may not even be a word, but it sounds like it should be).