Wonder Woman to the rescue … again …

Mar2013StatsOver the last five days the unique visitor count for my site has skyrocketed up from the 150 or so average to an average of 444. And this is without me doing much posting lately.

I thought, “Wow! Someone has discovered one my highly insightful postings and it is being linked over to”. I mean. Look at those numbers—524 unique visitors on Saturday March 30th with 873 views.

But after clicking on the Popular Content statistics button and reducing the history to three days it quickly becomes obvious where the interest is. It is the posting “Adrianne Palicki Chosen To Play Wonder Woman” (here) from back in February 2011. This posting is back up there in the top spot again, with the Emilia Clarke cute babe posting (here) taking the number two slot.


But look at the three day numbers for Adrianne Palicki. Her posting has had almost six times more visitors than Emilia got in those three days.

Adrianne and Emilia together got over 4.5 times the visitors that the next eight in the Top 10 got added together.

It seems my postings relating to the Gen4 2014 Subaru Forester are also of interest. One of the posting made it into the Top 10 (at number 7) and two others made it into the Top 20.