Different sort of travel photographs—great use of single-shot HDR

I came across this on Goodshit. This is about a Russian photographer (Murad Osmann) who is travelling around the world with his girlfriend. As they go he is/they are keeping a journal of their travels on Instagram.

So far nothing particularly interesting or different.

But every picture he posts is taken from behind his girlfriend with her in centre frame, with her back to the camera, and they are holding hands. Additionally every picture is single-shot HDR (so the hues are amplified and the shadows lightened up a little).


The picture above links to the feature about Murad Osmann referenced by Goodshit at the MyModernMet site.

Sadly neither the Goodshit article of the article they point to at MyModernMet tells us what the equipment is that Murad is using. Maybe the average blog post reader does not care about this but I would have liked to know.

I notice that all the pictures seem to have a lot of digital noise in them however it is possible that Murad has introduced this on purpose as part of his post processing of the images before uploading them. Also, depending how the single-shot HDR has been done that can also introduced digital noise.


The border treatments are mine. I just hate posting pictures without a bit of border treatment.

I found Murad’s actual Instagram page but sadly the pictures on Instragram are massively compressed. Most of them are under 20KB in size and many are under 10KB. I am not a user of Instagram but I assume Instragram does this very heavy compression to save storage space and opening time for people viewing the pictures. Some of them are so compressed there are obvious compression artefacts visible in the pictures.


The picture above links to Murad’s Instagram site.

His girlfriend obviously took a lot of different clothes with her on the trip and she also must spend a fair amount of time changing her fingernail polish. From the 10 or 15 pictures I looked at she had a different finish on her nails in each one—some of them often being very elaborate finishes.


While none of the travelling series of pictures ever shows her face there are a couple of pictures on Murad’s Instragram site that show someone who is most likely her.


The picture above links to another blog about Murad with another collection of his pictures at paranoise.org.