Hayden Panettiere ‘Chick of the Week’ on Chickipedia

I just happened to flick over the Chikipedia today and Hayden Panettiere is ‘Chick of the Week’.


The only thing I have seen Hayden in is Heroes. Remember Heroes? It was just about the hottest thing on TV for about 18 months. And then it just sort of died.

A quick check of Wikipedia shows that Hayden has been in heaps of things including ‘Scream 4’ (makes note to watch Scream 4 sometime), ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’ (in which she plays Beth Cooper), and about 45 other movies and TV shows going back to 1994 where she was in the daytime TV series ‘One Life to Live’.


Lately there has been a lot of speculation that Hayden has had breast enhancing surgery. Going on the before and after pictures floating around the Web it certainly appears like she might have had her primaries ‘enhanced’, but then pictures on the Web can be deceiving.

How does that saying go? Something like: “Only believe half of what you read, a third of what you hear, and about a tenth of what you find on the Web”.


I bet my pictures are better than anything you find at Chickipedia.


Nobody puts the work in editing-up images before posting them that I do … well … okay maybe some people do—but not many.