Boo! . . . 21 days since I last posted . . .

I have not checked back through all my posts to see what my previous largest posting gap was. It is too hard. But I am pretty sure this is a record for me. Twenty one (21) days since I last posted. That is three weeks.

It is not because I can’t or don’t think of things to post. Pretty well every day I pop up OneNote and enter in an idea for a posting. Now that I have a Windows 8 smartphone I can pop up OneNote with the greatest of ease and enter in notes about posts on my phone.

I would confess I was a sceptic about Cloud Computing but I do see it has its uses. Using Microsoft’s Skydrive I can have my OneNote notebook file in the ‘cloud’ at Microsoft. Then I am able to check and add notes from any computer that can access OneNote someway or another—which basically means any computing device anywhere including all the various Android, iOS (Apple), and (obviously) Windows phones devices.

I think the reason behind my 21 day posting gap is a combination of the intensity of work over the last month or so, plus the relatively low daily unique count for my site that is not getting any higher over time (like it is supposed to); on top of which I have been in a bit of grump rut for a few months.

Anyway I am going to pick at least three topics out of my OneNote notebook and craft up a post on them over this weekend.

Update >>>>

Can you believe it? I craft up my first post in 21 days yesterday morning and then when I go to post it I find that there is something not working between SquareSpace and Live Writer and I can’t upload it. I logged the issue with SquareSpace immediately and by 11:00 p.m. Sunday night they had a working solution for me.

Pity I have to take off to site again at 5:00 a.m. in the morning so I won’t get to do any posts tonight before I go.