Early morning ice on the car at the Collie motel

This is going to be a really boring post for anyone in the northern half of America because they probably see ice and/or snow on their cars for about three months of the year. But for people in Western Australia it is a bit different to go out to your car in the morning and find it iced up.

Basically we rarely get temperatures below zero degrees centigrade in winter. It only happens maybe three or four times during winter, and if your car is under cover then you don’t get any ice forming.

But in this case my car was parked out the front of the motel so some ice formed when the overnight temperature fell to minus one.

This first shot shows the ice that formed on the roof rack with frozen droplets that did not quite get to drop before they froze.

The second shot shows the ice on the roof.

There was also ice on the windows but I didn’t take any snaps of that.

We had to pour some cold water over the windows to remove the ice. If you use warm water you risk getting a shock crack occurring in the windscreen.

These ‘snaps’ were taken using my new Canon G15 pocket camera and were processed, as are all my pictures, using DxO Optics to get that little bit of extra ‘pop’ and sharpness.