No more eating at my desk at work

They have brought in new eating-at-your-desk rules in a my work; you are no longer allowed to eat at your desk. I have been working for something like 44 years and now, for the only the second time ever, I am not able to eat at my desk.

So I am sitting in one of the designated eating zones having my breakfast, which is a Maccas Bacon and Egg McMuffin without the cheese. I hate that yukky ‘overloaded with salt’ standard McDonald’s ‘compound cheese’. It looks like contact adhesive—for those that know what contact adhesive is and what it looks like.

Also, as I am trying to cut down on carbohydrates, I only eat one part of the muffin. I take the ‘top’ off and don’t eat that. So I have a topless Bacon and Egg McMuffin without cheese. That has to be kind of okay; sort of almost healthy?

Anyway, so now instead of doing my usual check of e-mails as I consume my breakfast I am sitting in one of the designated eating zones keying up a blog on my new Microsoft Surface Pro.

One of the ideas behind this ‘not eating at your desk’ and only eating in designated eating zones is that it will cause people to be more social. People will interact more in non-work areas and talk about things other than work.

Well after not being able to eat at my desk now for two weeks and observing others who are not eating at their desk I can tell you that this idea of people being more social and/or disconnecting from work for 30 minutes or so does not really work. People are either talking about work (if not their work then someone else's work) or they are engrossed in their smartphone or iPad or other tablet computer. The is not much socialising going on.

Oh. And this is my second post done using my Surface Pro.