Will George R.R. Martin finish writing Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)?

Anyone who searches around the Web for bits and pieces about ‘Game of Thrones’ (which is really called A Song of Ice and Fire) will know that there is growing concern that George R.R. Martin (GRRM) may not ever finish writing the books.

EC-GoTThe time it has taken GRRM to write each book has grown progressively longer with the fourth book taking four years to complete, and the fifth book taking five. Extrapolating this out then the forecast to complete book six is likely to be six years, and then seven years to complete the seventh—which should be the final book. But keep in mind that this was originally going to be a trilogy, which quickly became five books (whatever they call that), and is now to be seven books.

So one concern is that the HBO series could catch up before the sixth book and (almost) certainly the seventh book are completed—assuming that the TV series is not cancelled along the way.

Another grave and disturbing concern is the GRRM might leave this world before completing the books.

Such are the worries of life.

Oh, and for anyone who does not know who that picture is of, that is Emilia Clarke who (with a blonde wig) plays the Mother of Dragons in the Game of Thrones. This picture is from ‘The Chive’ web site. You can see more pictures of Emilia over at The Chive by clicking on her picture.