We are all speeding too much too often

According to today’s West Australian newspaper (page 3) us lot in Perth are all speeding too much too often. Over the last five years the number of people caught speeding by the various methods employed has been going up by about 4.5 percent per annum. Worse than this, the number of people running red lights has increased by a huge 20 percent in just the last year.

My wife and I were out today and we witnessed a driver blatantly run a red light near Leederville at the set of lights before the right hand turn onto the Graham Farmer Freeway. They did this to get into the right hand turning lanes to go onto the Freeway because they had found themselves in the wrong starting lane. Or could it be that this is what they do every time?

The number of drivers being recorded speeding per day is 2,260. This is huge considering there are generally only 3 to 4 speed radar cameras functioning each day.

On top of this the average amount by which we are all speeding has gone up from 8.3 kph in 2010 to 12.4 kph 2012. This is an average so it does not bring out those people who are speeding by 20, 30 or 40 kph. So not only are more people speeding, we are, on average, exceeding the speed limit by more

825,741 speeding tickets were issued in 2012 totalling $106 million. So that works out to an average of $128.37 per speeding fine.

The 2012 speeding hotspots are:

  1. Tokin Highway, Bayswater.
  2. Guildford Road, Bayswater.
  3. Mitchell Freeway, Innaloo.
  4. Mitchell Freeway, West Perth.
  5. Albany Highway, Bentley.