Photographs from December 2009: Boddington and Dwellingup

As ongoing evidence that I used to take photographs in my past, following are a few from a run I did down around Boddington and Dwellingup around December 2009. It’s a pity I can’t show them wider than 650 pixels. I must do something about that one day. Some of these picture lose something being shown so ‘small’.

This first one is of four dead trees out in the middle of a fallow paddock. I always did like taking pictures of dead trees.


Gates are another subject I have always liked to photograph and lately I have been thinking of getting back into “gates” as a photographic subject.


The picture above captures two gates; well three really—depending on how you define a gate. There are two gates in the distance (or is that one gate comprised of two gates?), and then part of another gate in the foreground.

BoddingtonDwellingup2009-3The picture at right is of one of the trees near the Lane-Poole camp site SSE of Dwellingup.

Usually at the camp site location the Murray River runs over the rocks and makes a small waterfall. But in December of 2009 there was very little water in the Murray River and the waterfall was not happening.

The Lane-Poole camp site is in the Nanga Brook forest area. This was a large timber milling location up until about 1961.

Sadly the mill itself and most of the evidence that the mill ever existed is all gone. It is a pity because an old deserted timber mill would have been a great place to take pictures. I guess they have to pull these places down and fix up the surrounds otherwise it could be a danger to the visiting public.

The final picture from this set back in 2009 is of the “last big tree standing” that the loggers left unfelled in the Nanga Brook Forests. This gives you some idea of the size of the trees that were there before they were all felled. I hope SCN is okay with me posting this picture with her in it but I don’t have any pictures of that tree that she is not in.


I have driven around the Nanga Brook area a number times over the years since I came to Perth (a long long time ago) and—unless they are hidden deep in areas where nobody goes—there are no trees remaining there that are anything like this tree.