Jenni’s Kookaburras featuring the Lumia 1020 camera

Each evening my wife puts out some food for a group of local Kookaburras. The group that turns up for this evening meal varies from three to about eight.

Here, pictured using the my new (and slightly disappointing) Lumia 1020 mobile phone, is the group that turned up today.


Now, remembering that the camera in the Lumia 1020 is a 41/38MP camera, following is the digital zoom—taken from the above picture—of just the kookaburras.


How awesome is this for a mobile phone camera in really low overcast light?

And it gets better. What if I just zoom on the two Kookaburras at the front?


Don’t forget this is NOT a DSLR. It is NOT a mid-range or high-end compact. This is from a mobile phone camera, and taken on an overcast day in really bad and dim light!

Yes. There is noticeable digital noise. And yes! The focus is starting to become a little blurry  But this is from a mobile phone with a sensor about the size of two match heads.

Believe me. This is amazing.

However, as amazing as the camera might be, if the battery does not improve and give me at least two days of life then I will be putting this phone on Gumtree for sale to get some of my money back. I don’t understand how Nokia can make the Lumia 720 with a battery of about 2/3rds the capacity and it lasts for four to five days, and yet the Nokia Lumia 1020—with EVERYTHING turned off and a bigger battery—lasts only about 14 to 18 h0urs with no use of WiFi or Bluetooth or 3G/4G data!!