Titbit: Pentax K-3 Gets Editor’s Choice award at PC Magazine

K-3PCMAG_EditorsChoiceThe new 24MP Pentax K-3 has been awarded Editor’s Choice over at PC Magazine. Click the logo to go to the article.

The review team at PC Magazine were particularly impressed with the low digital noise in high ISO pictures. The digital noise was so low that it was comparable to a full-frame camera.

The main downside with the K-3 that all reviewers point out is that it does not have auto-focus during video shooting. To refocus during video shooting the user needs to hit the focus button.


My K-7 and K-5 both took video but I never took any video with either. Ever! And I suspect most serious users of a camera like this are going to be the same. The fact that it takes video is going to be something that they never put into practice; or very rarely even think to use.