Mango Cream Pavlova at Randomly Closed

Pavlova is supposed to be Australia’s favourite dessert. Personally I have never been that into pavlova. I have tried the odd one now and then, probably on a frequency of about a slice every 8 to 10 years throughout my life. As I said: not a big fan of pavlova.

Pavlova is also probably a really bad choice for someone with type 2 diabetes.

Well my 8 to 10 years must have been up last week because I decided to try a half slice of pavlova at the De Orien Café in Collie. For some reason it looked relatively harmless and it was labelled a Mango Cream pavlova, and I could see that it had custard in it as well. Mango, cream, and custard. Sure sounded like a combination I would like.

Well it was amazing. A dessert sensation—as long as you like mango. Unlike the few pavlovas I have previously tried it was not shockingly over sweet. The sweetness level was perfect. A very natural degree of sweetness.

[Click this picture to see a larger version from SmugMug]


It is sort of a small joke within my group that we call the De Orien Café ‘Randomly Closed’. This is because about four years ago when I first started going to Collie they were randomly closed—it was kind of tricky working out when they would be open (or closed). Since then they have become a lot more regular and are generally open all week except for Mondays but the nickname Randomly Closed has sort of stuck.

I have never had any food I did not like at the De Orien Café and, as I said, the Mango Cream pavola itself is just about worth the two hour drive from Perth.

They do an all day breakfast and it really is all day. My son has ordered the breakfast for tea/dinner on a number of occasions. They also do coffee, as you would expect from a café.

If you find yourself in Collie, and Randomly Closed—I mean the De Orien Café—is open, then try them out. The food is excellent and the prices hard to beat; and if the Mango Cream pavlova is in the the display unit then you seriously have to try it. They will do a half slice if you are type 2 diabetic.