HSD: Missed mentioning my 1,000th post

Darn it. I normally keep an eye on these kinds of things, but three posts ago I did my 1,000th post. According to my figuring the 1,000th post would have been: “Could it be that Twin Peaks is coming back?

I feel like I should have had a 1,000th post party or something. Or maybe have produced a 1,000th post commemorative coin. Or had a 1,000th post baseball cap made. Oh well, maybe when I do the 2,000th post then; which, based on how long it took to get to 1,000 posts, will be sometime in late 2019 or early 2020.

I wonder how many words that is? I could probably do a rough estimate simply by working out some kind of average number of words per post and then, you guessed it, multiply it by 1,000.

Maybe at some later time. Can’t be bothered right now.

Holy Cow … imagine how many pictures I have cropped and cleaned for posting. Almost no picture posted has not been cropped, resampled, and prepared for optimum size and impact posting. Even the screen captures are cleaned up and brightened before being posted.

Imagine the hours ‘invested’! If you assume about three hours per post, and some posts take much longer than that with images and research (some posts are compiled over days), then that would be 3,000 hours. At something like $85 per hour that works out to $255,000 or $51,000 per year.