Down south on holidays—Forester achieving excellent ‘mileage’

The wife and I are currently on holidays down Busselton way. It is mid-spring in Western Australia so the cooler and wetter south-west is looking and feeling nice. If there was some kind of work down here I could easily move down here to live.

Also it is something like about 15 years or so since the wife and I last went anywhere on holidays.

For the first couple of days it sort of took a little getting into, but now, on day five of our time away, I think I am starting to get the hang of this holiday thing. So much so that I agreed to extending our time away by a couple of days despite the relatively high daily rate where we are staying.

As I like driving and as I am also currently into photographing gates we have done quite a bit of travelling around since we got here. Probably a bit more than the average holiday-er (sic) does down here. But Busselton is a good base of operations, so to speak, for spurring out in various directions looking for old gates or anything really old to photograph.

So far we have spurred out to Capel, Boyanup, Dardanup, Donnybrook, Vasse, Dunsborough, Margret River, Cowaramup, and a few places in between.

DashComputer-SmallI am very happy about the ‘mileage’—kilometreage just doesn’t sound right, besides it is not a real word—I am getting in my 2014 Forester XT. I am achieving about 7.2 litres/100 klms, which works out to something like 37.9 miles per imperial gallon.

The Forster holds 60 litres, so based on this I should be able to go about 850 kilometres on a full tank. And this is basically with three people in the car (my wife and me—and I count for two people) and lots of stop-start driving and engine idling as I stop and do u-turns to go back to gates I just drove past.

In future posts I will share some of the photographs I have taken.