It’s official then … Twin Peaks Season 3 to be made

Making a third season of the landmark TV series Twin Peaks has been talked about for a number of years, but the creators of Twin Peaks have consistently denied that they had plans for a third season—25 years after the first two seasons. But sometime yesterday David Lynch (Writer/Director) and Mark Frost (Writer/Producer) jointly confirmed that they are planning to write and produce season three for release sometime in 2016, and that Showtime has given the project the big thumbs-up.

What else do we [think we] know at this stage?

A number of the original cast members will be returning in their original roles and Kyle MacLachlan (Special Agent Dale Cooper) has indicated that his is in.

David Lynch will direct all nine of the new episodes—no rotating director roster as is customary with TV series.

Lynch and Frost will write all episodes.

I’m not too sure but I think Lynch and Frost might have a couple of firsts here. Such as making the third season of the TV series 25 years after the last season, and somehow [we are yet to see how] continuing the story with many of the same actors in the same roles.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I see one of the big issues being making the series interesting to a whole new audience who have never seen the first two seasons or the movie while still keeping the huge (and fiercely loyal) existing fan base happy. Showtime have said they will re-run seasons one and two leading up to the release of the first episode of season three, but that does not mean people will watch them.

So now we just have to watch all the titbits coming out to see what we can learn about season three.