Life’s a bitch, and then you die (goodbye Shirley)

I had some sobering news tonight.

I have very few ‘life’ friends. Four probably. One is the brother of my wife who I have known since I was about 16-ish. The second, like the first, is from my home town. He is a Christian (is Christian supposed to have a capital?, I am not sure, it seems like it should) but I try not to hold that against him. Another is the son of my sister, but, as things have worked out I rarely see him these days. The fourth and final is someone I have referenced in previous posts as Dr. Mike (but he is not a doctor) and Dr. Mike has inclusion body myositis, or IBM, which has basically ruined his life to the point that his life now moves between being in bed and being in a wheelchair.

Well tonight I found out that the wife of my Christian friend lost her fight for life at around 5:00 a.m. Friday morning. Cancer got her. Although as my friend would probably point out, cancer does not actually directly kill anyone, but the collateral damage cancer causes is what kills.

After finding out this news tonight, which was kind of unexpected because my family were not really that aware of how bad her condition was, we all had a few glasses of wine—my wife (who does not drink), myself, my son, and my son’s girlfriend (neither of whom drink).

I was kind of surprised how much my son’s girlfriend, who did not really know Shirley that well, was affected.

I have tears rolling down my eyes now as I punch this up.

As I indicated, Shirley’s family (her husband, my friend, and her son) are Christians. Solid, total, 100%, Christians. For them the passing of Shirley is probably not as emotional as it is for us. Their view is most likely that Shirley has gone to a far more beautiful and peaceful place than here. She will be with past friends and relatives.

For us mere mortals that don’t have the amazing and enviable strength of faith, the passing of Shirley is not that easy to accept.

Shirley was one of those amazing people who thought the best of everything and everyone. She was very positive. She always saw the best. She took in and looked after many foster children during her short stay on this spinning rock we call Earth. I have close to first hand insight into one of her attempts to make life better for another troubled and damaged human being in this world.

She was an amazing wife to my friend. Only those who know can appreciate her understanding and love.

God I hope there is a heaven because Shirley totally and completely deserves to be there.