Twin Peaks article in the Big Issue

BigIssueTwinPeaks_01This is actually quite old but as it relates to Twin Peaks I decided to post it anyway.

This is a magazine published in Australia called ‘The Big Issue” and, as far as I know, is only available in Australia.. Sales of the Big Issue raise money to financially help women who have lost their husbands or find themselves in financial difficulty for other reasons.

From what I can find out on the Web the money raised goes to help employ homeless women. Something like half of the price of the Big Issue goes to this cause.

At my workplace they purchase a ‘block’ of these magazines and then distribute them throughout the workplace for people to read.

In issue no. 442 back in September 2013 there was s two page spread relating to Twin Peaks.

Following are the two pages from The Big Issue. To see larger 1200y versions of these pages stored in the Abalook SmugMug folder click on the images below.



I am hoping that the publishers of The Big Issue are not unhappy with my scanning and posting of these pages. I appeal to them as a huge Twin Peaks fan not to take any copyright action. Should they be unhappy with this then please leave me a comment and I will immediately remove these pages from this post and also the copies in SmugMug to which they link.