Trying out Windows 8.1

It’s about four months since I last posted. I hope I still remember the password to my SquareSpace site.

Today I decided to install and try out Windows 8.1. I had previously tried out Windows 8 (8.0) and I promptly uninstalled it from my notebook. Hated it. Stuck with Windows 7.

So today after five hours of updates and installing on my i7 A11 Toshiba notebook I finally have Windows 8.1 up and running.

It is a lot better than Windows 8. I feel that although it still needs some final polishing Windows 8.1 is now something I could use on a non-touch screen notebook with a mouse—which is something I would not have said about Windows 8.0.

One of the improvements is that now you have a close control with Metro or RT applications for people who work with a mouse.

Windows 8 Close

It is also seems smoother and I like the new Start Bar which is available from both modes (RT mode and Desktop mode).

Now to see if I can remember my SquareSpace password.