Gate Series 5: Gateway to the yellow flowers

This is my fifth gate in my series featuring gates. Anyone paying attention will be saying: “But where are gates for series three and four?”

Very good. Well spotted. I have not posted series three and four yet. I decided to jump to five. I can do that. I write the blogs.

This is a gate on the South-West Highway. On the way to work this morning, completely out of character—instead of zooming past at 110 klms/per/hour—I actually stopped. This was just too stunning to not stop and capture. The way flowers come and go in Western Australia these flowers would likely not be there on my return trip, and almost certainly would not be there next week when I come past. And with the ten o’clock sun shining through the clouds hitting them at the angle it was they were glowing like someone was shining yellow light on them.

But, let’s not forget, this is really a picture of a gate.


This looks like a relatively modern gate and it would appear to be custom made with those curved spikey bit above the top rung shaped in an arch. The circular marker on the left in front of the drum says “Gate 1” so presumably there are other gates, otherwise why put a number on this gate?

It would appear that this gate does not get used much, if at all. There is no evidence on the other side that traffic of any kind ever goes through the gate.

The second picture (below) shows three beautiful bearded gums to the left of the gate. These were obviously planted about the time the gate was installed. Looking at the trees I would say they are about 15 years old (but I am no expert—I could be way out).


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Oh! I have no idea what the flowers are.