Misty afternoon pictures of Kalamunda

I went out this afternoon and took some misty ‘up in the clouds’ pictures of Kalamunda. After all the Pentax K-3 is supposed to be water proof so the very fine drizzle ‘should’ not affect it. Unfortunately I am not water proof and I did get a little damp, but such is the life of a dedicated photographer.

Kalamunda is up in the hills to the east of Perth and when the clouds are low they sort of skim over the village as they pass over the hills.

These pictures were taken at 3:00 p.m.

The first was taking partially along the path that weaves its way through the park. This shot was taken so that the rubbish bins on the left and the life-sized chess game board on the right were not in the frame.

I like the almost solid black look of the tree trunks on those trees on the left. This is obviously helped by the fact that they are damp which is making them look more black than they probably normally do.


This next shot is from the entrance to Stirk Park but looking up towards the village. You can get a better feeling for the misty low hanging clouds in this shot. Notice also the water flowing from the gumnut centre-piece in the traffic round-a-bout.


StirkPark01-Small-650yThis final shot is another one taken in Stirk Park. While it is primarily of the tree in the foreground with the lichen growing on it, I was also trying to pick up the deciduous poplar trees in the background o the left—at least I think that’s what they are called.

All of these pictures were taken at 800 ISO and they were not post processed for digital noise.

As usual each picture links to a much larger and higher resolution version in SmugMug.

It continues to amaze me how good digital cameras and lenses have become and I only have a half-frame camera with a pretty average lens.