Gate Series 4: Flame tree gate

I think I just managed to get this shot before the flame trees dropped all their flowers.


When I drove past this going home last Friday these trees had double the number of dazzling red flowers on them. Just two days later on Monday they have lost so many flowers. But it was drizzling rain on Friday. At least this Monday there was a bit of light even though it was still somewhat overcast. But I just could not afford to wait five more days until I came past again for fear of all the flowers having dropped off.

The six flame trees on the left presumably go alongside a road that used to go somewhere? Maybe to a house. You can’t see it in this reduced size picture but in the 1200 pixel version on SmugMug (click the picture to see this bigger version) you can see that there is another gate off in the distance where the flame trees stop.

If it there is a road and it did go to a house then at this stage you can no longer make out a road and nor could I see a house, or any structure, past the other gate at the end of the flame trees.

For anyone wondering why I don’t show all of the gate in the shot there is a dirty great ugly sign wired onto the gate on the left hand side that totally would have ruined it. Well I think so anyway.