980 mins Twin Peaks TV = 300 mins Northwest Passage movie

I heard and read about this a number of times here and there but had not really taken much notice of it.

Faneditors are folk that like a TV series or film so much that they decide to do their own ‘edit’ of it. In the case of the faneditor named Q2 and the TV series Twin Peaks, what he (or she) has done is take 980 minutes of the two seasons of Twin Peaks and edit that down to a 300 minute (five hour) movie. The resulting movie has been called Northwest Passage; which Twin Peaks fans will know was one of the original names for the Twin Peaks series.

As part of the work done, while editing over 16 hours of television down to five hours Q2 also did a pan-and-scan conversion over to the 16:9 aspect ratio at 720p (Enhanced Definition).

So what was lost in the 11 plus hours of running time that was dropped?

Reading up on Q2’s thinking the plan was to only keep scenes related to the main arc of Twin Peaks, which is the murder of Laura Palmer and who killed her. Sticking to this plan then allowed for over 11 hours of run time to be dropped; much of it from season two.

I am currently trying to download a complete copy of Northwest Passage. If I manage to achieve this then I will obviously watch it and I will publish a short review.


Click on the image above to see a 1.5 minute teaser trailer for Northwest Passage.