Gurushots Voting: Would I print that?

If you join and ‘play’ Gurushots on the Web then you are required to vote for other people’s submissions in the competitions that you have entered. Which is fair enough. Obtaining votes is how everyone ‘levels up’—to use the gaming terminology.

Those submissions that gain the most votes level up through the levels Popular, Skilled, Premier, Elite, and—then finally to the highest level in a competition—All Star.,


The number of votes required in order to make it to the All Star level can vary from competition to competition. The Guru setting the competition gets to pick the voting levels. But generally, for most normal four picture submission competitions, you would need to get a sum of 1,600 votes for the four pictures collection to make it to All Star. And for single picture submission competitions—which are referred to as Speed Competitions—you would have to get 1,200 votes for the single shot.

So, with all this voting that is required in order to progress through the levels there is one key thing that I ask myself as I vote for pictures. This is my initial litmus test of every picture I vote for:

Would I print that picture?

If it is not a picture I would print, then I just keep scrolling.


For example, I did not vote for the following picture.

I am sure many of my fellow Gurushots players gave it a click. but for me it is not a picture I would print. It is just a personal preference thing.