2019 365 Photographs: Photo 13

This is is the south wall of the Kalamunda Library. It is one huge lead-light window that was made by local lead-light crafts people from around the hills region around Kalaumunda.

This picture was surprisingly hard to get ‘right’. It was taken at night so that the lights from inside the library shine through it. I had to go back three different nights taking shots to get the picture I ended up with and liked.

Because of the lights inside the library, if the exposure is the slightest bit too wide then, those lights ‘burn’ through the picture. Too underexposed and the blacks are too black.

It took a bit of getting right to get good colour and calm down the lighting from inside the building.

2019 365 Photographs: Photo 12

This shot was taken very early in the morning back when I was working at Worsley Alumina out of Collie. I was driving down to Collie on Monday, staying there the week, and driving back on Friday.

I then drove back and forth each day to the Worsley site.

In those days I took my camera with me on every trip.

This one morning I saw this old dead tree in the fog on the way out of Allanson just west of Collie. I just had to stop and take some shots.

I have posted this on a number of photography sites and I tend to get comments relating to having too much foreground in the shot. But then I crop the foreground out I don’t like the picture.

I like it like this.

2019 365 Photographs: Photo 11

Today is the 16th of Jan. I am five pictures behind my goal in my photo-a-day ‘challenge’.

Two choices: give up or catch up.

I am going to try and catch up over the next thee days, starting with this shot of an old Metters No 2 wood stove.

This was taken on a property in Popanyinning.

Notice the nice touch of the sunlight shinning on the cobwebs to left of the chimney . . .

2019 365 Photographs: Photo 6

My 6th photo in my quest to post 365 photographs in 365 days is also from the Rose Farm—as is the post from day 5.

This obliging honey bee continued its pollen collection detail while I took about ten shots with different f-stop settings and angle changes.

My objective was to blur out the background as much as possible while still keeping as much of the flower in focus as possible. Not an easy task given that the leaves in the background were situated very close to the focal plane of the flower. But I do like how the blurred light coming in through the gaps in the leaves has a beautiful golden glow.