Tributes at Falls Farm 03

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Like all of the recent pictures I have posted, this picture was taken in heavily overcast conditions. Maybe that is why this short series of three pictures from Falls Farm has not managed to get much of a Pulse from other at the 500px site—they are a bit too bleak due to the lack of any sunshine.

In this picture the Tributes are on the old wooden slatted bench seat that is positioned under the sign saying "Carol's Garden". You can't actually see the ownership apostrophe in the picture, but I am sure it is there given that this sign was done some time ago—and therefore by someone who could most likely write the language correctly.

Again, as for the picture before, this picture did not grab the attention of other photographers on 500px that much. It only managed to get a 500px Pulse of 61.9. Of the 90 folks on the 500px site that viewed it only 7 decided to vote for it. A bit sad really.

What I am really trying to do is get a 500px Pulse above that magical 90 where the picture is elevated into the ranks of 'Popular' on 500px.

Don't forget to click on the picture to see it MUCH bigger and better (depending on your screen size).