Duck Floating in the Koi Pond

As mentioned in the main blog, this is my first posting to 500px that does not feature the blue YSL Tribute heels. I have not given up on trying to find an eye-popping picture featuring those sexy heels, but I thought at this point I would just throw in a few different pictures.

Even though, unlike all the pictures of the blue heels, this picture was just spur-of-the-moment and was not planned it still managed to get a 500px Pulse of 83.4.

It wasn't the Koi fish swimming around that caught my attention; it was all the blue hues on the wooden duck floating in the Koi's pond. Basically every colour on that duck is blue. The head might look black, but if you check it again you will see that it is a dark blue. Even the almost-white parts of the duck are actually blue. All these blues with the blue of the water just seemed to need photographing.

When I lined up to take the picture the Koi was not even in the shot. He/she came along just as I was about the push the shutter button.

As usual, click on the picture to see it larger—depending on the size and resolution of your screen.