Bugs Bunny with Tributes

This picture was taken on another one of those heavily overcast weekends that frustrate photographers. Lightly overcast conditions can be tolerated, and, in fact, often work out well for outdoor photographers like myself. But heavily overcast is not so good. This means wider apertures (not so good for landscape shots), slower shutter speeds (not so good for landscape shots—when you handhold, as I do), and higher ISO requirements (you guessed it, not so good for landscape shots—introduces more digital noise).

As I was walking around my yard with my Sony a6000 hanging around my neck feeling frustrated (as mentioned earlier), I noticed my wife's outdoor dresser in the pergola and it occurred to me—being somewhat desperate to take pictures of something—that maybe I could put the YSL Tribute heels in the dresser and make a shot of that work.

I tried the YSL heels in various locations. I tried them in the centre at the top, in one of the cabinets with the door open, in place of the "Last Chance for Gas & Oil" sign, and in place of the Bugs Bunny "What's up Doc?" sign. In the end I went for between the Bugs Bunny sign and the "Fresh Brewed Coffee 25c" sign.

The thinking here was that the blue sexy heels would really stand out up against the more-or-less drab pine wood background of the dresser.

I tried a number of edits in Photoshop to try and get the heels to pop a bit more, but the general dankness of the lighting was working against me. And I don't like to turn things up too much in Photoshop. I like to keep the picture looking as 'normal' as possible, except in these cases where I am playing in Photoshop just to see the effect.

But this time I wanted 'normal'. The whole idea of my series of pictures featuring the beautiful YSL Tributes is that they are placed in situations where they would not be expected. This alone is supposed to make them stand out and catch the eye.

So this picture did not turn out like I really wanted. I wanted the heels to look even more out-of-place than they do. Even so I decided to upload it to 500px.

It didn't do too bad. It managed a 500px Pulse of 87.8.