Tributes on the Rustic Steps (at the old Pickering Brook Tennis Club)

This shot of the eye-catching blue Tributes was taken on some old steps at the no-longer-used Pickering Brook tennis courts. These courts have not been used for a long time. Everything is overgrown and run down.

I would have preferred to have taken this picture looking up the steps, rather than from the side like this. But I could not get to the front of the steps due to large somewhat angry looking bush having grown there.

These steps have been made using the local coffee rock.

At the time I liked the idea of of these sexy brand new heels contrasted with these old steps, probably never to be used again—slightly falling apart and covered in weeds.

In retrospect I should have taken the picture from a little further back and brought more of the crumbling steps into the shot, and maybe put the heels more towards the back of the step. But you always think of these things after you have left the scene and are checking the pictures on your computer.

It doesn't help that it was a heavily overcast day.

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