Tributes at Falls Farm 01

Another overcast day picture.

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This shot is one of a number of pictures I took at Falls Farm in Lesmurdie (east of Perth in Western Australia). In front of the old restored Falls Farm farmhouse there is a rose garden that I think was established by the Kalamunda Rotary Club. This garden is called Carol's Garden.

In the centre of Carol's Garden there is a small patch of circular paving and I liked how the grass (okay, yeah I know, they are weeds) was growing in the gaps in the paving. So I tried this picture with the sexy blue YSL Tribute heels in the centre of the circular paving.

I walked around the paving and took picture from a number of angle, but in x axis and the y (i.e., up-down and sideways). This was my favourite from the set I took.

I didn't notice it when I took the picture but there are three (that I can spot) pink petals off something in the garden that can be seen on the paving. There are rose bushes in the garden but these are not rose petals as we are in mid-winter and the rose bushes are dormant.

When I posted this picture up I thought it would get a good 500px Pulse—maybe over 90. I really liked it. The sexy blue heels there on the that drab wintry looking paving with the green tufts coming through. But as you can see I still did not manage to get a score above that elusive Pulse of 90.

Just have to keep trying.