Mobil Oil's Pegesus: The Flying Red Horse

This is Mobil Oil's trademark Flying Red Horse zooming along up in the sky.

Before I got this particular picture I had tried many times to get a picture of this very horse. But every time there was something wrong with the image. I either had bad flaring from the sun, or it was overcast and the sky was full of clouds. In all it probably took something like four or five visits over three years to get this particular image as I wanted it. I really wanted a picture of the red flying horse against a nice clear blue sky—just the red, white, and blue.

This particular Pegasus was located along Bickley Brook road in someone's yard. It is (was) actually sitting atop a genuine Mobil pump-up bowser.

I am saying 'was' because it is no longer there. Nor are any of the other bits and pieces of service station memorabilia that used to be there. They have all gone. I would love to know where they have been moved to, so, on the off chance someone reading this know, please either leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

As you can see, this picture only got 9 votes on 500 Pixels and only managed a 500px Pulse of 62.5. I find it a tiny bit sad that a close-up of a garden bee or a rose flower can get 300+ votes and this gets 9. Such is the life of a photographer.

I generally don't like 'over editing' pictures but I might try some subtle effects on this picture and then re-posting it to see if I can get better than 9 votes.