Rosella Soups—Over 100 Varieties

People my age would remember the the catch-line of Rosella canned soups, which was "Over 100 Varieties".

This hand-painted sign, on the side of what was once a small general store in the town of Popanyining in Western Australia, is a masterpiece of sign writing from the past.

This picture was taken some time ago. I think it was probably around 2007. The sign writer who did it  had to deal with the brick face and the mortar between the bricks; and in those day they did not have computers to do up scale pain-by-the-dots types models for them. Not that there are very many actual sign writers left these day. Probably about 95 percent of all signage these days is done using 'stickers' that are printed in a workshop and then stuck up to look like sign writing. The 'art' in sign writing now is being able to apply a sticker to a clean surface and not get too many noticeable bubbles in it.

This old store has now been converted to a house, but fortunately the owners have not painted over this beautiful old sign—a least not the last time I saw it in mid 2016.

As usual, click on the picture to see it bigger and at high resolution if you have the screen to do it (i.e., probably don't bother on a smartphone).