The Health Benefits of Beer

This probably isn't going to come as any great surprise to a lot of people, but it turns out that beer is really good for you. No ... Seriously. It is.

As you can see from the following Infographic (from Mashable, here) there are lots of health benefits from drinking beer.

Beer is so good for you that in some countries beer is actually classified as a food.

However there a few downsides to drinking beer that are not highlighted on the Infographic:

  • Beer is about 15 percent carbohydrates. Drinking a 350 ml full strength beer is about the same as eating half a good sized potato when it comes to carbohydrates. What's wrong with that? Well if you drink a lot of beer you are going to put on weight from all those potatoes unless you do something to counter it.
  • More than almost any other alcoholic drink, beer makes you feel like food; especially salty food. It's hard to have a beer and not go looking for food of some kind.
  • A nice beer is very more-ish. It is very hard to stop at just one, or two, or three, or four . . . .