'Short back and sides' with a beer, bikini, and high heels

I can't remember the last time I went to a barbers, and the total number of times in my life I have been to a barber/hairdresser shop would be probably be about 20. I am very lucky. There is a hairdresser in the family and I get my hair professionally cut (just your basic 'back and sides' really) about every six months. And because I am not a fan of electric clippers I even get it done the old way with a comb and scissors.

As my friends and workmates will tell you ... I like to have a regular hair cut whether I need it or not ... about every six months.

Also by making a trim last six months then I am not imposing too often in getting it cut. Admittedly by the time the six months is up I am looking a little like an old long-haired pot-smoking hippy. Probably not quite in the league of Willie Nelson but I am to the point where my wife will start to tell me "You need a hair cut."

But then I stumbled over this article from the Newcastle Herald on the Web—The Man Cave Bikini Barbershop.

[Images link to source article by Sam Rigney on the Newcastle Herald site. Pictures are by Peter Stoop.]

It all seems very civilised. While you are having your hair groomed by a bikini clad lass in high heels you can have a beer and watch some sport on the telly.

I have no idea of the rates at the Man Cave Bikini Barbershop but I am betting that they are a little higher than your normal men's hairdressers—but maybe it's worth the surcharge?

Wearing heels these girls are obviously not going to able to stand for too long at a time, so I suspect they probably do something like work for an hour and then have a half hour break for which they will get paid. This being the case the cost of a haircut has to be higher; probably something like 1.5 times the 'normal' cost (whatever that is—I have no idea what a hair cut costs).

Now let's see ... how much is an airfare to Newcastle?

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