Samsung 1st, Nokia 2nd, and Apple 3rd

I found this kind of interesting. While I knew that Samsung were far and away the number one seller of mobile phones in the world, before I saw this chart from the technology research firm Gartner I would have said that Apple was number two. But I would have been wrong.

The number two slot in mobile phone sales is Nokia and is not even a close thing. Nokia sold two thirds more phones than Apple did.

Who would have thought?

This is even more interesting now that Microsoft have bought Nokia's mobile phone division. I guess this means that Microsoft are currently selling more mobile phones than Apple.

The other kind of interesting statistic in this table from Gartner is that the 'Others' category makes up 34 percent of the total and this is higher than any single vendor in the table. In fact the number of sales by the 'Others' almost comes to Samsung and Nokia (the top two) combined. Sort makes you wonder how many other vendors of mobile phones there are out there.

I guess this also means that there is a lot of room for Samsung, Nokia/Microsoft, and Apple to get more sales if they can swing people over from the 'Others'.

[Image links to the Gartner Newsroom article where this table was published]