First SquareSpace 6/7 post

Well here it is: After over four days of setting up a SquareSpace 6/7 site to look 'more or less' like my SquareSpace 5 site I have now swapped over the domain mapping to link to this new site and this is my first ever SquareSpace 7 blog post.

As regular readers will know I used to use Microsoft's Live Writer to craft up posts to the site when it was on SquareSpace 5. Using Live Writer I could see almost exactly how posts were going to look before I actually uploaded them into SquareSpace. But now with SquareSpace 7 I am drafting the post using Microsoft's OneNote because SquareSpace 7 does not support Microsoft Live Writer (and/or vice versa). The problem with this approach is that I cannot see how the post is going to look until after I actually cut-and-paste it into SquareSpace 7.

Three of the upsides to using the new SquareSpace 7 site are:

  • Much better support for tablets and smartphones, and I will do a post on this very soon.
  • Better support for photographers and the posting of photographs, and I will do a post on this shortly as well.
  • Support for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

At this stage I have not re-created the sidebar stuff so there is nothing there. I will start working on this soon. Also there are likely to be a few teething problems as I fully move over to the new SquareSpace 7 site so please stick with me as I iron out all the wrinkles.

At this point the domain linking comes directly into this page—the New Blog—but my plan is to change this at some point in the future so that the domain link beings you into the Abalook Home page and then people can go to the New Blog or the Old Blog from there.

My next post will explain the New Blog and the Old Blog.


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