The Old Blog, the New Blog, and the Home page

Ahhh. I finally have my site moved over to SquareSpace 7. It was tricky working out how to do it and it was trickier still getting the site formatted how I wanted. In the end I decided to simply import all my old SquareSpace 5 blog postings into a new page called Old Blog and to start a new page called New Blog to start my blogging under SquareSpace 7. There is also a third page on the new SquareSpace 7 site called Abalook Home.

This third page is different to the two blog pages. It doesn't have a sidebar and it is structured differently.

A Little More about the Old Blog

You can get to the Old Blog by selecting it from the menu or by clicking here.

As mentioned, the Old Blog contains all the old SquareSpace 5 blogs. This is basically all blogs up until the end of October in 2014. All the 1000+ posts from the old blog were simply imported into the Old Blog page. I haven't done any re-formatting of these posts.

Due to the way SquareSpace 7 formats postings and because the posting width is now 900 pixels compared to 650 pixels before these old blog posts will have lost some of their tight formatting. You need to keep this in mind when reading posts from the Old Blog page.

What I might start doing, if I have the time, is gradually re-format some of these old blogs to fit the new wider posting size. But at this stage this is a low priority and the reality is that I may never get around to doing it.

More about the New Blog

At this point you are landed in the New Blog page when you come to Abalook.

The new blog contains my posts starting from 1st November, 2014. These blogs are all formatted for SquareSpace 7.

Once I get everything sorted out I will change it so that you get landed into the Abalook Home page when you come to the site. Then you can pick whether to click over to the blog page, or other pages that I might add as I develop the site further.

A Bit About the Abalook Home page

The Abalook Home page is something completely new and I am not totally sure how I am going to use this yet. I am still getting ideas. But the early thinking is that it will be a single-screen page (on a desktop PC) and that from there you will then go to the New Blog, the Old Blog, do a search of the site, or go to other pages I might add to the site in the future.

You can check out the Abalook Home page by selecting it from the menu of clicking here.

So that's how I plan to move forward.

I promise that the next post will not be a post about moving to SquareSpace 7. It will be a post about something more interesting (that's my opinion anyway).


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