Answering a comment from Lara

Now that I have more or less completed my conversion from SquareSpace 5 to SquareSpace 7 I can get back to regular stuff. Following is an answer to a comment/request from Lara.

From a post going way back to September 2011 of some of the fruit trees flowering around the Bickley area Lara wanted to know: "Where exactly were these orchids? Would love to go and photograph them myself :)". I have indicated on the following map where I recall these pictures being taken, but this was three years ago.

Image links to source posting.

Image links to source posting.

Sadly I am probably a bit late responding to this. These trees are likely in fruit now and no longer have their flowers.

However if you were to just drive around the Bickley and Pickering Brook areas there might be some kind of trees there still in flower—maybe. And there are interesting places to stop and have a coffee, or even go to the Core Cider House and enjoy a locally made apple cider.


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