Wrapped in Plastic—Taking your tablet in the bath with you

No. This is not a post about Twin Peaks.

Yesterday evening I noticed my son putting his Samsung Galaxy tablet into a zip-lock plastic bag. I was curious. So I asked why he might be doing that.

Turns out he was about to go have a bath and it seems he takes the tablet with him in the bath. The zip-lock plastic bag is to keep the tablet 'waterproof'.

Apparently the touch screen works fine through the plastic bag. He sucks out any excess air before zip-lock sealing the bag.

There are probably a number of issues with this but the one the leaps to my mind is cooling. Most Andriod tablets don't have a fan but they do need to be able to breath and are constructed in such a way as to ensure convection induced air flow. But he says he has done it before and there were no issues so I guess for the time that he is in the bath the unit does not reach the overheating mark.


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