Sansa the sloshed cat—featuring 'big' pictures

Sorry. Time for some kitty cat pictures. But this post is not just about pictures of Sansa the amazing itty bitty kitty cat. It also illustrates one of the reasons I have put in all the effort over the last four days or so into converting over to SquareSpace 6/7.

One of the very useful features of SquareSpace 6/7 is that I no longer have to post large high-resolution pictures to Smugmug and then link over to them. They can go directly into SquareSpace and when they are clicked on they automatically resample to the largest possible size that the current display can accommodate, or the size of current browser window, whichever happens first. So if you are a mobile device user then you will only see the largest possible image your mobile device can display. If you are a desktop computer user with, say, a 1920x1200 16:10 computer monitor then you will see the full size, full resolution, version.

So here is Sansa with her favourite brand of whiskey—Johnny Walker Black Label.

So try it! Click on a picture and, without linking to Smugmug, it will display the largest picture suitable for the size of your display, or browser window, whichever comes first. And apart from that the pictures are 900 pixels wide in the post (seen on a full-sized monitor) now instead of the old 650 pixels from the old blog.

How cool is that. Worth the work of moving over to SquareSpace 6/7?


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