An 'interesting gate' at Fairbrige

On a recent outing to find 'interesting gates' to photograph I turned into Fairbridge Farm just out of Pinjarra. Anyone who has been to Faribridge would be familiar with the following scene.

Somewhere way back in the archive of posts I am sure I posted a picture of Seriously Cute Niece (SCN) sitting on that truck. Ah, yes, I found it. Click on the image of SCN at right to check out that original post from 25th September, 2010.

But this post is not about Fairbridge Farm or SCN. This post is about an 'interesting gate' I found on the road into Fairbridge that I though was interesting enough to add to my collection of photographs of gates.

This 'interesting gate' is on the left on the way out of Fairbridge. I liked the power lines going over the middle (more or less) in the clear blue sky. I also liked the storm pipes on the left of the gate, and then the large ranch-style wood pillars and horizontals. The wood was probably a nice woody brown colour when the gate was made, but they are bleached grey now.

You can't see in this picture, but down near that first power line tower there are about five kangaroos have a feed of grass.

Just to prove there are kangaroos down there I have extracted that part of the image out and put an enlargement of it below. Click to see it 1500 pixels wide (on a suitable screen).

Following is the same gate but taken from a different angle and with me down on my knees (which is not easy for me; well the getting back up part is not easy).

I have tried to get the ranch-style fence posts on the other side visible through the gap in the front-side part of the fence while at the same time blocking out a couple of houses that visible on the horizon. I also wanted to keep as much of the dead or dying brown-amber grass in the picture, so when I cropped it I left a lot of the foreground in the frame. This meant leaving the small part of a tree shadow in the shot (bottom left corner).

From this angle it is almost hard to believe it is the same gate.