Updated my 'Return to 2007' share index tracker

A couple of months ago I added the little All Ordinaries share index tracker to the sidebar of my site. This graph tracks the Australian All Ordinaries share index as it desperately tries to return back to its pre-GFC level of 6,828 from November 2007.

As you can see by the latest snapshot the index has lost ground since my last check was done. This is obviously not good news for anyone with superannuation as the bulk of managed superannuation funds are invested in the share market.

Even worse, the 'experts' are now forecasting that the index will remain flat for the remainder of the year. This is probably those same experts who, at the start of 2015, were forecasting that the index was likely to punch through the 6,000 point barrier by the end of this year. Well that is obviously not going to happen—by a long shot.

I have also changed the attributes of the little graph in the sidebar so it will open a bit larger in a light box if clicked on.